Learn to Write Number 4

Preschool students can easily learn to write the number 4 with the worksheet provided on this page. You can prefer the coloring, tracing, or counting method to learn the number four. Kids can choose any activity which is interesting for them to learn the number 4 easily. Enjoy the learning with the help of the images provided here.

Learn to Write Number 4

Before learning the number 4, kindergarten students have to know how to write the number 3. Learn to write the number 4 by tracing the number 4 multiple times. The three simple steps to write the number 4 are to draw a vertical line, draw a horizontal line meeting vertical line downwards, draw another vertical line parallel to the first one as shown here.

Learn to Write Number 4 1

Learning writing and tracing numbers is important for all preschool students. The number 4 is used to count the number of elements at a place, remember telephone numbers, etc. The number 4 is represented in words as “Four”. Check out the worksheets to learn number 4, four, and other numbers in the following sections.

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Trace to Learn Number 4

Elementary school students have to trace the number 4 in the given worksheet. It contains the number 4 multiple times in two rows with a dotted line. Kids have to rewrite the number as it is with a pen or pencil to learn to write the number 4. So, download it and take a printout absolutely for free of cost.

Learn to Write Number 4 2

Trace to Write Number Four

The word “four” means the number 4. Every student has to know the spellings of numbers from 1 to 10 before completing their preschool. Hence, we are giving the number four worksheet free of cost. Children have to practice writing the number four by tracing on the dotted words carefully. Take as many printouts as needed and learn to write the number four easily and quickly.

Learn to Write Number 4 3

Interesting Facts about Number 4

  • The number 4 is a composite number
  • Four is a natural number between 3 and 5.
  • It is an even number.
  • The factors of 4 are 1, 2, 4.
  • If you double 2, then we get 4.

How to Identify Number Four?

Finding a particular number is also plays an important role. Here we are giving numbers from 1 to 8 in circular sectors. Students have to find which is the number 4 and color it properly. If your kid is able to find the number 4 means they can write it easily.

Learn to Write Number 4 4

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