Rectilinear Figures

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Rectilinear Figures – Definition

In Maths, a rectilinear figure can be defined as a plane or two-dimensional shape or figure that meets at the right angles. The plane figure where the boundaries are line segments is called rectilinear figures.
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  • Sum of the Interior Angles of an n-sided Polygon
  • Sum of the Exterior Angles of an n-sided Polygon

Types of Rectilinear Figures

Quadrilateral and polygon are examples of rectilinear figures. We will discuss in-depth in this section.


A quadrilateral is a 2D closed polygon with four sides, vertices, and angles. There are different types of quadrilaterals. They are,
1. Square
2. Rectangle
3. Rhombus
4. Parallelogram
5. Trapezium
6. kite

What is a Polygon?

Polygon is a closed rectilinear figure which is also known as a closed plane figure. The line segments in a polygon are called sides, vertices. The angle formed by meeting two sides of the polygon is known as the interior angles. A polygon can be of many sides such as a triangle with three sides, quadrilateral, square, a rectangle with four sides, a pentagon with five sides, a hexagon with six sides, a heptagon with seven sides, octagon with eight sides, and so on.


A triangle is a closed plane figure with three sides, vertices, and three angles.



A square is a quadrilateral with four sides, vertices, and angles. The sum of all four angles are 360 degrees.





A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with four sides, vertices, and angles. The sum of all angles is 360 degrees.



A pentagon is a closed figure with five sides, vertices, and five angles.



A hexagon is a closed figure with six sides, vertices, and six angles.



A decagon is a closed planar figure with ten sides, vertices, and ten angles.


Types of Polygon

1. Convex Polygon:
A convex polygon is a polygon where all the interior angles measure less than 180 degrees.
2. Concave Polygon:
A concave polygon is a polygon where one or more of the interior angles is greater than 180 degrees. The concave polygon is also known as the reflex polygon.
3. Equilateral Polygon:
A polygon where all the sides are equal is known as an equilateral polygon.
4. Equiangular polygon:
A polygon where all the angles are equal is known as an equiangular polygon.

FAQs on Rectilinear Figures

1. What are the different types of plane curves?

Plane curves are classified into two types they are open curve and closed curve.

2. What is an example of a Simple Closed Plane Curve?

A simple closed plane curve that is entirely made up of line segments is known as rectilinear figures.

3. What is the Diagonal of a Polygon?

A diagonal of a polygon is a line segment that intersects two consecutive lines of a polygon.

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