Identify Number 9

Preschool students can learn how to identify the number 9 by reading this article. Parents who want to test whether their kids know the numbers or not can make use of this free Worksheet on Identify Number 9. In the below sections, you can find a direct link to download the worksheet in pdf format. Learn how to write, trace, count, color the number 9 from this page. Also, get interesting facts about the number nine.

Identify Number 9 Worksheet

Before learning the number 9, students have to learn the number 8. It is necessary for all homeschoolers or preschoolers to learn the natural numbers from 1 to 20 before finishing kindergarten. The formation of number 9 involves two steps. They are one circle and a horizontal line. Students have to learn to identify the number nine before learning to write it.

By learning the number 9, students can be able to count the number of objects in a box, do faster calculations, and others. Therefore every kindergarten student is advised to learn to recognize the number by using this Number Nine Identify Worksheet. Kids have to identify the number and circle it carefully.

Number 9 Identification Worksheet

Download Identify Number 9 Worksheet PDF for free of cost. As it is available for free anyone can access this worksheet from anywhere. Parents have to collect the printout of Identification of Number 9 and ask their kids to recognize the number 9 and circle it. Kids have to find how many 9’s are there in the worksheet and what are their places.

Identify Number 9

By observing the above worksheet, we can say that the number 9 is repeated 6 times. The position of occurrence of the number nine is the first-row third column, second-row fourth column, third-row fifth column, fourth-row second column, fifth-row first column, and six-row third column.

Number 9 Identification

Interesting Facts about Number 9

Let us get detailed information about the number nine in the following sections.

  • The number 9 is a natural number present before 10 and after 8.
  • Nine is an odd number.
  • 9 is a composite number.
  • It is the sum of the first three consecutive odd numbers.
  • The sum of digits of multiples of number nine is 9.

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