Count the Numbers and Match

Most of the students will not be interested in learning mathematics, they are interested in playing. So, parents and teachers can teach the numbers in image or picture formats so that kids will find it fun to learn numbers and identify the numbers easily. Using this article, students can easily learn to count the numbers and match. Parents and teachers can use this page free of cost and download this page, take a printout of this download page for student’s practice purposes.

On this page, you can learn how to count the Numbers and match, count the numbers and match the example images, few practice questions on numbers matching.

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Count the Numbers and Match | Learn How to Count the Numbers and Match?

Counting numbers and match the objects will increase the thinking power and students know the order of numbers. Parents and teachers guide the students on how to match the objects, encourage and support then kids have more interest in learning. Based on our standard life students better learn numbers from 1 to 100 at the preschooler stage. The example figure of count the numbers and match is given below,
The above example figure consists of images and numbers separately. Students count the number of images or objects and draw a line to count the number to that number of objects. For example, starting given number is 2, so search where two of objects or things or images are presented then make a line from the number to two to two of objects. Like that the process will be repeated for all the objects or images in the given example image.

Another example figure of count the numbers and match are given below, it contains the numbers from 1 to 10 and with the respective number of objects are given.

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Practice Questions on Count the Numbers and Match

Question 1:

The below figure consists of different kinds of leaves and numbers. Students will count the leaf’s numbers and match the correct number through the line using it pencil.

Question 2:

The below figure consists of different types of shapes. Draw a line from the shape on the left side to the same shape on the right side in the given figure using it pencil.

Question 3:

The below-given figure consists of lollipops, flowers with stem, apples, butterflies, and an alarm clock with respect to numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Using pencil students count the objects and match the number to that object.

Question 4:
Count the objects and match them with the given numbers. The given figure consists of various types of images and numbers but students draw the line with a pencil from object box dot to number box.

Question 5: The given figure consists of various kinds of images and numbers in word form. Students count the objects and draw a line to match the number names to the images using it pencil.

Question 6:

The given figure consists of the different numbers of objects but only one number is given for matching. Students have to count the objects and draw lines with a pencil from number six to six objects using freehand mode.

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