Worksheet on Number 5

Download Number 5 Worksheet for Nursery PDF for free of cost. Get the free printable number 5 tracing worksheet which is useful for preschoolers and homeschoolers while learning the numbers. Before learning the number 5, everyone has to identify the numbers from 1 to 4 and know how to write those numbers. Gain the simple tricks to write the number 5 easily from the following sections.

Kindergarten Number 5 Worksheet PDF

Daycare and nursery students can trace and write the number 5 on their own by practicing this worksheet numerous times. So, download this handy and free Worksheet on Number 5 to learn the numbers playfully. Parents or teachers are suggested to help your child to learn the number 5 by writing it on the box as specified. The worksheet has flowers on the top, the numbers of flowers are 5.

Worksheet on Number 5

Our Number Five Preschool Worksheet is one of the best sources for the kid’s well-wishers to let them learn the numbers effortlessly. It is a good thing if your child gets used to practicing on the worksheet with a pencil. Guide the students to follow the instructions and rewrite the number 5. The mentioned three lines on the worksheet will help to enhance their handwriting skills.

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Benefits of Learning Number 5

Encourage your child to learn the numbers as it has the following advantages.

  • The child can understand the importance of count and acquire the skills to count the objects.
  • One can perform arithmetic operations like addition or subtraction.
  • Teachers can know the progress of the kid.

Trace and Learn to Write Number 5

Many of the kids don’t like to write while they are playing. At that time, you must show this handy Worksheet on number 5 and teach them how to write the number joyfully. So that they will never feel they are learning something forcefully. So try to engage your kid in learning numbers with the assistance of our free Number 5 Preschool worksheet. Assist the students to practice number five as many times as possible for a quicker understanding of the topic.

Amazing Facts about the Number 5

Get the important facts about the number 5 in the below-mentioned section.

  • 5 is an odd number.
  • In the set of natural numbers, 5 appears before 4. The number after 5 is 6.
  • Five is a prime number.
  • All the multiples of 5 end with either 0 or 5.
  • It is also a Fibonacci number.
  • You have 5 senses.

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