Learn writing and identifying the number 3 by practicing Worksheet on Number 3. Find out the easier ways of learning the numeric numbers on this page. Kindergarten students must learn letters, numbers from 1 to 100 as early as possible. Without having an idea of the numbers, you can’t perform the arithmetic operations in maths. So, have a look at the Number 3 Tracing worksheet and practice it.

Printable PDF of Number 3 Worksheet

Parents who are looking for the Worksheet on Number 3 for teaching numbers to their child can read this page. Download Number 3 Printable Worksheet PDF and take a hard copy. Ensure that your kid will practice writing number 3 as mentioned on the worksheet properly. By practicing the worksheet, kids can improve their handwriting and know the importance of numbers.

Worksheet on Number 3

On the Number 3 Worksheet for Nursery hardcopy, you can see three bananas representing the numerical number 3. Write number three on the dotted number to know how to write the number. Your children should practice multiple times to get the best way of writing the number 3. It is better to write the numbers with a pencil.

Trace and Learn to Write Number 3

Many of the kids hesitate to study but love to spend their time playing. In that case, parents must try to inject important topics like alphabets, numbers, and words by playing with them. So, this Number 3 Kindergarten Worksheet helps the teachers to engage their students in learning the numbers. Allow the students to practice number 3 as many times as possible for a quicker understanding of the topic.

Benefits of Worksheet on Number Three

With the help of this Worksheet on Number Three, kids will understand the numbers in a better way. Students will be prepared for the basics of addition, subtraction using these worksheets. Homeschoolers and preschoolers can easily learn the number 3 on their own by practising this.

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Interesting Facts about Number 3

  • It is an odd number and can not be divisible by 2.
  • Three is a prime number that is only divisible by itself and one.
  • 3 objects together are called a trio.
  • Three babies born together are called triplets.
  • A triangle is a three-sided polygon.

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