Problem Solving on Subtraction

Subtraction is one of the basic arithmetic operations in mathematics. Subtraction means removing the specified number from the minuend or bottom number. We can observe the use of Subtraction in our everyday life in different ways. In subtraction, we will subtract numbers and find the difference between them. In Subtraction the numbers in both the minuend and subtrahend have the same digit numbers. Go through the complete article to be aware of the terms associated with subtraction and therefore the symbol used etc.

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Subtraction – Definition | What is meant by Subtraction?

In Mathematics, Subtraction is required for removal from a bunch or number of things. On Subtracting the number of things within the group decreases or reduces. The symbol ‘–’ is named the minus and therefore the number after the symbol must be subtracted from the number before it.

Terms utilized in the Subtraction are Minuend, Subtrahend, Difference. For Example: In 8-3, 8 is the minuend and 3 is the subtrahend and 5 is the difference.

Subtraction Word Problems with Answers

Example 1: 
Sita had 20 pens. She gave 3pens to her friend. How many pens left with her?
As given in the question,
The total number of pens Sita had = 20 pens
The number of pens she gave to her friend = 3 pens
Now, we can calculate how many pens left with her. Using subtraction law, we get the value
So, subtract the values i.e.,
20 – 3 = 17
Therefore, the number of pens she has left is 17.

Example 2:
Dinny’s mother is 48 years old. His father is 51 years old. What is the difference between their ages?
In the given question, father age and mother age is given.
Now, we are going to find the difference in their ages.
Using the Subtraction law, we can find the difference then we will get the value easily.
So, the difference of their age is,
51 years – 48 years = 3 years.
Therefore, the difference between the father’s age and the mother’s age is 3 years.

Example 3:
There are 8 parrots and 6 pigeons. How many fewer pigeons are there than parrots?
As given in the question,
The number of Parrots is 8.
The number of Pigeons is 6.
Now, to find the number of fewer pigeons.
We use the subtraction law, we get the value,
So, 8 – 6 = 2
Therefore, compared to parrots the number of lesser pigeons is 2.

Example 4:
Find the value of the below figure,

As given in the question, the numbers are 64 and 43.
Now, we need to find the value of the given two numbers.
In the given numbers, in between the ‘-‘ (minus sign) will be present. So, now we perform the subtraction operation. Subtraction means to remove one number from another number.
So, the given numbers are 64 and 43,
64 – 43 = 21
Therefore, the given figure numbers 64 and 43 difference value is 21.

Example 5:
The given figure consists of numbers. Using the subtraction method, find the final difference value.
As given in the question, the numbers are 458 and 333.
Now, we are going to perform the subtraction method for finding the final difference value.
We know that subtraction means removing one value to another value.
So, the given number are 458 and 333,
458 – 333 = 125
Therefore, the final difference value of the given two numbers is 125.

Example 6: 
Find the below figure value,

As given in the question, the figure consists of two numbers with subtraction signs. The numbers are 8451 and 5263.
Now, we are going to find the value of the given two numbers.
The below figure shows, how to subtract the given numbers,
1. First, Subtract the values which are in one’s place that is 1 – 3,  it is not possible. So we take a borrow from 5, then the value changes to 11. Now subtract 3 from 11, we get the value is 8. So, write that value 8 in one’s place.
2. Next, subtract the values which are in Ten’s value that is 4 – 6, it is also not possible. So, take a borrow from the hundreds place then the values becomes 14. Now, subtract 6 from 14. We, get the value is 8. Write the value 8 in Ten’s place.
3. Next, Subtraction of values in Hundred’s place that is  3- 2= 1. Write the value 1 in the hundreds place.
4. Now, subtract the value which is in thousands place that is 8 – 5 = 3. Write the value 3 in thousands value.

Therefore, the difference value of the two given numbers  8451 and 5263 is 3188.

Example 7:
Subtract the value 648 from 837. Write the difference value.
In the given question, the numbers are 648 and 837.
Now, we want to find the difference value of the given two numbers.
By using the Subtraction method, we can get the difference value,
The numbers are 648 and 837,
837 – 648 = 189 ( 8 is not subtracted from 7. So, take a regroup from the following number 3, then the value changes to 17. Now subtract 17 – 8 = 9. After taking borrow the value 3 is reduces to 2, so 2- 4 is not subtracted. So, take a borrow from the following number 8, the value will be 12 – 4 = 8. Next 7-6 =1)
Therefore, after subtracting 648 from 837, we get the difference value is 189.

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