Word Problems on Multiplication by 2 Digit Number

This article gives you the information regarding multiplication definition, how to solve the word problems on multiplication of 2 digit numbers. You can also check the solved examples for a better understanding of the concept.

In multiplication, groups of equal sizes are combined and the result is obtained. Multiplication can be called repeated addition. Multiplication is represented by the Cross symbol, or asterisk ‘*’, or dot’.’.Multiplication has three parts1. Multiplicand 2. Multiplier 3. product  The multiplicand is the number being multiplied by another number. The multiplier is the number that you are multiplying by. When two numbers have multiplied the result we get is called product.

Consider some examples of multiplication of 2 digit numbers. Follow the same procedure for multiplication of 2 digit number by 2 digit number.

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Word Problems based on Multiplication by 2 Digit Number

Example 1: 

Ram has a pen. The cost of a pen is 50rs. Find the cost of 20 pens?


Cost of  a pen=50

cost of 20 pens=50*20=1000.

Therefore, the cost of 20 pens=1000.

Example 2:

A Notebook contains 90 pages. Find out the total no of pages in 50 notebooks?


No of the pages in the notebook=90

No of pages in 50 notebooks=50*90=4500.

Therefore, no of pages in 50 notebooks=4500.

Example 3:

Rakesh has a packet that has 25 sweets. Rakesh has 15 such packets. How many sweets does Rakesh contain?


No. of sweets in a packet=25

No.of sweets in 15 packets=15*25=375.

so Rakesh has 375 sweets in 15 packets.

Example 4:

Siri saves 90rs every day. How much she saves for 90 days?


Siri saves everyday=90

Siri saves for 90 days=90*90=8100.

so Siri saves 8100 in 90 days.

Example 5:

In a school, 30students can accommodate each class. How many students are required to accommodate in 10 such classes?


No of students in each class=30

No of the students in 10 such classes=10*30=300

so no of the students in 10 such classes=300.

Example 6:

A Shopkeeper sells 80 chocolates every day. How many chocolates does he sell in April month?


The shopkeeper sells chocolates every day=80

The shopkeeper sells chocolates in April month=80*30=2400.

so shopkeeper sells 2400 chocolates in April month.

Example 7:

In a class, there are 90 students. How much money can be collected if each student donates 80 rs for the Drought relief fund?


No of students in the class=90

Money collected by 90 students=90*80=7200.

Therefore total money collected by the class=7200.

Example 8:

The water tank capacity is 50 liters. What is the total capacity of water in 50 such tanks?


The capacity of the water tank = 50 liters

The total capacity of water in 50 such tanks=50*50=2500.

The total capacity of water in 50 tanks=2500lit.

Example 9:

If there are 50 oranges in one basket, then how many oranges are there in 20 baskets?


No of oranges in the basket=50

no of oranges in 20 baskets=50*20=1000.

So total no of oranges in 20 baskets=1000.

Example 10: 

There are 50 rows in a cinema hall and there are 23 seats in each row. How many persons can be seated in the hall?


No of rows in a cinema hall=50

No of seats in each row=23

No of persons can accomodate=50*23=1,150.

The total no of persons can accommodate in the hall=1,150.

Example 11:

How many runs will Yuvraj score by hitting 20 centuries?


No of runs for a centuary=100.

No of runs scored for 20 centuries=20*100=2000.

Therefore, the total no of runs scored by Yuvraj by hitting 20 centuries=2000.

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