5th Grade Math

In 5th Grade Math Problems, we have explained all types of topics with solutions. Keeping in mind students’ mental level we took all efforts and introduced new concepts in a simple language. Mathematical Concepts are explained in the simplest possible way so that you can retain the concepts for a long time. Each Topic is provided with various examples and you can understand the applications easily.

In Grade 5 Math you will find the concepts on Roman Numerals, Integers, Decimals, Rounding Numbers, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Quadrilaterals, Data Handling, etc. Grade 5 Worksheets provided helps teachers and students track the child’s learning progress. Develop efficient ways to tackle the Fifth Grade Math Topics and clear the exams with better grades.

5th Grade Math Topics, Worksheets, and Textbook Solutions

We have listed the Grade 5 Math Practice Topics covering the entire curriculum. Solving and Practicing the Questions using 5th Grade Math Worksheets one can know the basic Math at your fingertips. Learn what is behind every fact rather than simply obtaining the answers. No Matter where you are you will find the Grade 5 Textbook Solutions extremely helpful and challenging. Be ahead of your peers and have a smooth transition from Grade 5 to Grade 6.

Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals – Worksheets

5th Grade Numbers

Various Types of Numbers

Operations on Whole Numbers


Multiplication is Repeated Addition


Simplification of Numerical Expressions

  • Numerical Expressions Involving Whole Numbers
  • Numerical Expressions Involving Fractional Numbers
  • Numerical Expressions Involving Decimal Numbers

Rounding Numbers



Multiples and Factors

Divisibility Rules


  • To Convert a Percentage into a Fraction
  • To Convert a Fraction into a Percentage
  • To find the percent of a given number
  • To find what percent is one Number of another Number
  • To Calculate a Number when its Percentage is Known
  • Metric measures as Percentages
  • Problems Involving Percentage
  • Worksheet on Problems Involving Percentage
  • 5th Grade Percentage Worksheet

Profit and Loss

Simple Interest



Speed Distance and Time



Unitary Method

5th Grade Geometry



  • Classification of Triangle
  • Properties of Triangle
  • Examples of Properties of Triangle
  • Worksheet on Properties of Triangle
  • Worksheet on Triangle
  • To Construct a Triangle whose Three Sides are given
  • To Construct a Triangle when Two of its Sides and the included Angles are given
  • To Construct a Triangle when Two of its Angles and the included Side are given
  • To Construct a Right Triangle when its Hypotenuse and One Side are given
  • Worksheet on Construction of Triangles


  • Relation between Diameter Radius and Circumference
  • Worksheet on Circle
  • Practice Test on Circle


  • Elements of a Quadrilateral
  • Types of Quadrilaterals
  • Parallel Lines
  • Drawing Parallel Lines with Set-Squares
  • Intersecting Lines
  • Perpendicular Lines
  • Construction of Perpendicular Lines by using a Protractor
  • Sum of Angles of a Quadrilateral
  • Worksheet on Quadrilateral
  • Practice Test on Quadrilaterals



  • Units of Volume
  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Practice Test on Volume
  • Worksheet on Volume of a Cube and Cuboid
  • Worksheet on Volume

Representation of Tabular Data

  • Advantages of Tabular Data
  • Worksheet on Representation of Tabular Data

Data Handling

  • Reading Pictographs
  • Bar Graph
  • Bar Graph on Graph Paper
  • Construct bar Graph on Graph Paper
  • Worksheet on Pictograph and Bar Graph
  • Double Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • 5th Grade Data Handling Worksheet

Grade 5 Math Objectives & Goals

  • Advanced Math is introduced to children in Grade 5 and you can learn the concepts of LCM, GCF, how to add & subtract fractions.
  • If you are unable to pick up any concepts in Grade 5 our 5th Grade Math Practice helps you to cope up and be par at class.
  • 5th Grade Math Problems available encourages you to learn math using objects, pictures, and visual models.
  • You can see improvement in your Mathematical Abilities by referring to the 5th Grade Worksheets, Practice Tests available.

Benefits of referring to 5th Grade Math Curriculum

There are numerous perks of solving 5th Grade Math Topics from here. We have curated few of them for your convenience and they are as such

  • Our Grade 5 Math Concepts are designed in a way to teach, challenge, boost the confidence of budding Mathematics.
  • The more you practice using the Grade 5 Math Problems the more you can grasp the related formulas, techniques and get ahead.
  • You can witness the difference in yourself right after solving the Grade 5 Math Topics on a regular basis.
  • Clear Explanation is provided for all the topics in a simple and easy-to-understand language so that you will no longer feel any difficulty.


Hope the knowledge shared regarding the 5th Grade Math Practice Problems, Topics has shed some light on you. If you need any assistance do reach us via comment box and we will get back to you with the possible solution. Bookmark our site to avail latest updates on Gradewise Math Practice Problems in a matter of seconds.

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